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Menu for The Mantra Fort Street

Incredibly Delicious Indian Recipes to Spice Up Your Meal Planning
  • Appetizers

  • Veggie Samosas

    Veggie Samosas


    Served as 2 pieces of flaky, deep fried crispy pastry parcels stuffed with a spicy potato & peas filling. (served with chutney)

  • Veggie Pakora (G/F)

    Veggie Pakora (G/F)


    Cauliflower, Spinach, Potato, onion & cilantro mixed in a chickpea flour batter, deep-fried made into bite size fritters. Served w/tamarind sauce & mint chutney.

  • Samosa Chaat

    Samosa Chaat


    Flattened samosa, topped with chickpeas, yoghurt, minced onions, tomatoes & chutney

  • Aloo Tikki Chaat (G/F)

    Aloo Tikki Chaat (G/F)


    Gluten friendly! Crisp-fried potato patties topped with chickpeas, yogurt, minced onions, tomatoes, and chutney.

  • Gobhi Garlic (G/F)

    Gobhi Garlic (G/F)


    Crispy fried cauliflower tossed with garlic

  • Paneer Pakora (G/F)

    Paneer Pakora (G/F)


    Batter fried cottage cheese served with mint sauce

  • Onion Bhajia (G/F)

    Onion Bhajia (G/F)


    Deep Fried Onion Slices marinated with Chickpea batter

  • Papdi Chaat

    Papdi Chaat


    Crispy poorie topped with potatoes, boiled chickpeas, tamarind chutney & plain yoghurt

  • Fish Pakora (G/F)

    Fish Pakora (G/F)


    Batter fried Fish served with mint sauce

  • Chicken/Beef Samosa

    Chicken/Beef Samosa


    Flaky pastry stuffed with minced Beef / Chicken, peas mixed with herbs & spices

  • Calamari Pakora (G/F)

    Calamari Pakora (G/F)


    Crispy fried calamari served with mint sauce

  • Highlights (FS)

  • Choley Bhature (Plain)

    Choley Bhature (Plain)


    Crispy puffed bhatura served with chickpeas, raita, pickles, and onions.

  • Choley Bhature (Stuffed)

    Choley Bhature (Stuffed)


    Crispy puffed bhatura stuffed with paneer, served with chickpeas, raita, pickles, and onions.

  • Salads (FS)

  • Fresh Garden Salad

    Fresh Garden Salad


    Fresh greens served on a bed of lettuce

  • Tandoori Caesar Salad

    Tandoori Caesar Salad


    Crunchy lettuce topped with grilled chicken

  • Kachumber Salad

    Kachumber Salad


    Diced cucumber, bell peppers, onion, tomato, carrot, with house made vinaigrette dressing

  • Lachha Onion Salad

    Lachha Onion Salad


    Onion rings marinated with lemon juice & seasoning

  • Raita (FS)

  • Boondi Raita

    Boondi Raita


    Yogurt mixed with tiny fried gram flour balls.

  • Mixed Raita

    Mixed Raita


    Yogurt mixed with cucumbers and carrots.

  • Plain Yoghurt (Dahi)

    Plain Yoghurt (Dahi)


    Homemade curd.

  • Side Orders (FS)

  • Mango Chutney

    Mango Chutney

  • Mint/Tamarind Chutney

    Mint/Tamarind Chutney

  • Papadum



    Gluten-friendly. 2 pcs Crispy lentil flour wafers. We like it fried too, mention your choice if you'd like those.

  • Pickle


  • Non alcoholic beverages (FS)

  • Aerated Beverages

    Aerated Beverages

  • Chai Tea

    Chai Tea

  • Coffee


  • Juices



    Mango, Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Cranberry

  • Mango Lassi

    Mango Lassi

  • Mango Lemonade

    Mango Lemonade


    This refreshing drink infused with Mango is made with ripe mangoes pulp puree, lemon or lime juice, sugar/honey, water, and ice.....

  • Mango Shake

    Mango Shake


    A refreshing summer mango drink. Do you like yours with cashews or without cashews?

  • Rose Lassi

    Rose Lassi

  • Salted Lassi

    Salted Lassi

  • Specialty Teas & Herbal Tea

    Specialty Teas & Herbal Tea


    Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Ginger, Mint, Green Tea

  • Sweet Lassi

    Sweet Lassi

  • Tandoori Specialties (FS)

  • Chicken Tikka

    Chicken Tikka


    Marinated boneless pieces of chicken with yoghurt ginger & spices

  • Fish Tikka

    Fish Tikka


    Boneless pieces of fish marinated in lemon, herbs and spices, then traditionally skewered in tandoori oven.

  • Malai Chicken Tikka

    Malai Chicken Tikka


    Marinated boneless pieces of chicken with yoghurt ginger & spices

  • Seekh Kebab


    Minced Lamb meat infused with Ginger, Chilies, Coriander, Cumin skewered in Traditional Tandoor

  • Roasted Rack of Lamb- Indian Style

    Roasted Rack of Lamb- Indian Style


    Rack of Lamb Indian Style - Lamb chops marinated with Indian-style yogurt,
    ginger-garlic spice mix & barbecued in a traditional clay oven (Tandoor).

  • Tandoori Chicken

    Tandoori Chicken


    Chicken barbequed on skewers in traditional Indian clay oven (Tandoor).

  • Tandoori Paneer

    Tandoori Paneer


    Cottage Cheese marinated pieces barbequed on skewers in a traditional Indian clay oven (Tandoor).

  • Tandoori Prawns

    Tandoori Prawns


    Prawns marinated and barbequed on skewers in the Tandoor (traditional clay oven).

  • Biryani (FS)

  • Goat Biryani

    Goat Biryani

  • Beef Biryani

    Beef Biryani

  • Chicken Biryani

    Chicken Biryani

  • Vegetable Biryani

    Vegetable Biryani


    Long-grained Basmati rice flavored with exotic spices, layered with vegetables.

  • Lamb Biryani

    Lamb Biryani

  • Prawn Biryani

    Prawn Biryani

  • Basmati Ki Bahar (FS)

  • Plain Rice

    Plain Rice


    Plain Rice

  • Zeera Rice

    Zeera Rice


    Rice tossed with cumin seeds.

  • Green Peas Pulao

    Green Peas Pulao


    Sauteed cumin and peas tossed with rice.

  • Coconut Rice

    Coconut Rice


    Rice tossed with mustard seeds and coconut.

  • Breads (FS)

  • Missi Roti G/F

    Missi Roti G/F


    Gluten-friendly bread is best eaten with any curry but Masala Mantra Restaurant's fav. way of eating this is with paneer saag.

  • Tawa Roti

    Tawa Roti


    The softest whole wheat bread for those homesick days. Hand-rolled and cooked especially for you.

  • Plain Naan

    Plain Naan


    Layered bread with butter.

  • Butter Naan

    Butter Naan


    Layered bread with butter.

  • Chicken Naan

    Chicken Naan


    Stuffed with chicken, onions, and light spices.

  • Garlic Naan

    Garlic Naan


    Naan bread studded with fresh garlic and basil.

  • Keema Naan

    Keema Naan


    Stuffed with minced lamb and spices.

  • Onion Naan

    Onion Naan


    With onion and light spices.

  • Lachha Parantha

    Lachha Parantha


    Layered bread finished with butter.

  • Spinach Naan

    Spinach Naan


    Stuffed with spinach and cottage cheese mixed with spices.

  • Rosemary Naan

    Rosemary Naan


    Naan stuffed with rosemary.

  • Tawa Parantha

    Tawa Parantha


    Griddle-cooked whole wheat bread stuffed with your choice of filling potatoes, cauliflower, or onions. Our Chef's favorite are Gobhi parathas. You gotcha have two.

  • Tandoori Roti

    Tandoori Roti


    Whole wheat bread baked in a clay oven.

  • Desserts (FS)

  • Gajar Ka Halwa

    Gajar Ka Halwa


    Gluten friendly. Shredded carrots simmered with milk.

  • Gulab Jamun

    Gulab Jamun


    Deep-fried cottage cheese balls dipped in sweet syrup.

  • Mango Cheesecake

    Mango Cheesecake


    A light and soft-textured mango flavoured cheesecake.

  • Rasmalai



    Dumplings made of cottage cheese soaked in sweetened, thickened milk flavoured with saffron & garnished with pistachio.

  • Rice Pudding (Kheer)

    Rice Pudding (Kheer)


    Gluten friendly. Indian sweet made with Rice & Milk spiced with cardamom and saffron, cooked slowly until thickened. It is thick and creamy. Just like the good old days.

  • Kids’ Selection (FS)

  • Kids' Chicken Strips

    Kids' Chicken Strips

  • Kids' Masala Fries

    Kids' Masala Fries

  • Curries Non-Vegetarian (FS)

  • Chilli Fish

    Chilli Fish


    Battered fried fish, cooked with onion & bell peppers in a Chinese style tangy sauce.

  • Classic Butter Chicken

    Classic Butter Chicken


    The world famous dish cooked in the traditional way. Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in a spicy yogurt base, slowly simmered in a rich creamy tomato curry.

  • Chilli Chicken

    Chilli Chicken


    Battered and fried chicken pieces, cooked with bell peppers and onions in a tangy sauce.

  • Chicken Lababdaar

    Chicken Lababdaar


    Barbequed chicken pieces cooked in a rich, brown gravy with cream.

  • Lamb Roganjosh

    Lamb Roganjosh


    Tender boneless lamb simmered overnight in an authentic Indian-style gravy.

  • Tikka Masala

    Tikka Masala


    Marinated meat cooked in an onion and tomato sauce with bell peppers, finished with cream.

  • Karahi



    Thick onion and tomato gravy enriched with bell peppers and whole spices, served with your choice of meat.

  • Goat Curry (Bone- In )

    Goat Curry (Bone- In )


    Goat meat cooked in a traditional curry base.

  • Chicken Curry (Bone-In or Without Bone)

    Chicken Curry (Bone-In or Without Bone)


    A traditional chicken curry cooked in Punjabi homes. Boneless or Bone-in chicken simmered in a hearty curry of onion, tomato and spices.

  • Mango Curry

    Mango Curry


    Your choice of meat (Chicken, Fish, Beef, Lamb) cooked in an onion and tomato gravy infused with rich mango puree sauce.

  • Spinach Curry

    Spinach Curry


    Your choice of meat cooked with pureed spinach and an authentic spice blend.

  • Korma Curry

    Korma Curry


    Your choice of meat cooked with a rich cashew paste that's blended with spices.

  • Coconut Curry

    Coconut Curry


    Your choice of meat cooked in coconut gravy.

  • Vindaloo Curry

    Vindaloo Curry


    Your choice of meat cooked in a traditional style with tangy sauce, ginger, and an authentic spice blend.

  • Pomegranate Curry

    Pomegranate Curry


    Your choice of meat cooked in an onion and tomato curry infused with dried pomegranate seeds and ground spices.

  • Kashmiri Curry

    Kashmiri Curry


    Creamy gravy enriched with dried fruits and cherries, served with your choice of meat.

  • Curries Vegetarian (FS)

  • Dal Makhani

    Dal Makhani


    Black lentil simmered overnight on slow charcoal fire finished with cream & butter

  • Yellow Dal Tadka

    Yellow Dal Tadka


    Yellow lentil cooked and tempered with cumin seeds & chilies

  • Kadhi Pakora

    Kadhi Pakora


    A combination of dumpling in gram flour curry

  • Channa Masala

    Channa Masala


    A favourite dish from North India has chickpeas cooked with herbs & spices

  • Malai Kofta

    Malai Kofta


    Soft cottage cheese dumplings simmered in aromatic cashew nut gravy

  • Mix Vegetable

    Mix Vegetable


    aka. Veg Jalfrezi- A Mélange of vegetables cooked in onion-tomato gravy and Indian spices with herbs. The best way to enjoy this is, with our special Tawa roti.

  • Eggplant Bhartha

    Eggplant Bhartha


    Seasoned Roasted Eggplant- Don’t get any funny ideas about this one! Baked & mashed eggplant, cooked into layers of sautéed onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, chili and cilantro & peas.

  • Vegetable Vindaloo

    Vegetable Vindaloo


    Melange of vegetables cooked with tangy sauce in ginger & spice blend cooked in traditional style

  • Bhindi Masala

    Bhindi Masala


    Okra cooked with onions, tomato masala, Indian spices & herbs

  • Navratan Korma

    Navratan Korma


    Mix Vegetable cooked in cashew-based gravy

  • Shahi Paneer

    Shahi Paneer


    Cottage cheese cubes cooked in cashew-based curry with added dry fruits

  • Aloo Gobhi

    Aloo Gobhi


    A classic Punjabi dish of cauliflower, buttery potatoes and assorted coloured bell peppers coated in a mild masala mix.

  • Aloo Matar

    Aloo Matar


    Peas & potatoes in spiced onion, tomato-based gravy

  • Kadhai Panner

    Kadhai Panner


    Cottage cheese cooked in thick gravy base of onion 8: tomato with’ bell peppers & whole spices

  • Mutter Paneer

    Mutter Paneer


    Cottage cheese & peas in tomato-based gravy finished with cream

  • Paneer Makhni

    Paneer Makhni


    The Vegetarian version of butter chicken. Cottage cheese cubes cooked in rich tomato-based gravy

  • Paneer Saag

    Paneer Saag


    Cottage cheese cooked with pureed spinach & space blend

  • Paneer Tikka Masala

    Paneer Tikka Masala


    Mélange cottage cheese cubes grilled and cooked in rich Onion, tomato-based gravy

  • Vegetable Coconut Curry

    Vegetable Coconut Curry


    Melange of vegetables cooked with Coconut Curry base

  • Paneer Lababdaar

    Paneer Lababdaar


    Barbequed cottage cheese pieces cooked in cream and tomato-based gravy.

  • Chilli Paneer

    Chilli Paneer


    Battered and fried cottage cheese pieces, cooked with bell peppers and onions in a tangy sauce.