1015 Fort Street, Victoria B.C (778) 265 3786 | 3480 Tillicum Road, Victoria B.C. (250) 388 4655
Daily Lunch Buffet is now open!!!!
We are following proper COVID-19 related Health restrictions

Serving Lunch Buffet everyday
Monday to Sunday 11:00am – 3:00pm

Original Price
Buffet menu everyday: $14.65

The daily Lunch Buffet is currently open on popular demand offering 180 different traditional dishes rolling over a month.
Original Price Buffet Menu Everyday: $14.65

Starters & Salads:

Starters: Two fresh Veggie Starters

Salads: 4 Assorted Salads fresh every day

  • 4-5 different Chutney & Assortments

# Fresh Masala Chai Tea

Main Course:
There are different Vegetarian & non-Vegetarian Curries
in the Buffet every day. We rotate the entree’s

(i)   4 Vegetarian Curries
(ii)   2 Non-Vegetarian Curries
(iii)  Some Vegan dishes
(iv)  Basmati or Zeera Rice
(v)  Naan Bread – direct from Tandoor
(vi) Raita (House-made Yoghurt)
(vii)  Desserts: Daily different Dessert assortments

Naan bread is served fresh on the table as per need.

Lunch Buffet Timings
Serving Lunch Buffet Every day:
Monday to Sunday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm