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“The Mantra Victoria” presents distinct culinary experience, a journey with Indian Spices and traditional flavors. This journey started way back in 1970’s from the rural hinterland of North India. It further shaped with tasting and learning about different cuisines in the heart of Indian capital “Delhi” and than finally reached Canada in the decade of 2010. This long path culminated with the creation of a culinary sensation in Victoria, where we bring a bouquet of flavors from the land known for its “cultural” and “culinary” diversity.

Indian cuisine is among the world’s most delectable cuisines of the world, here at ‘The Mantra’ Indian Cuisine we endeavor to present traditional dishes from different regions of India. You will find distinctive, savory food that will tickle your taste buds with some of the Indian fusion dishes, like mango, pomegranate and coconut chicken curries worth dying for and other unique signature dishes like Rack of Lamb in Indian style curry that you will not find anywhere else.

We believe in anticipating our guests needs and adding a WOW factor to their experience, and evolve each passing day learning from our customer experience. We strive hard to innovate and use different food preparation styles, cooking techniques, and culinary presentation forms.

The Indian cuisine is known for the use of various spices, where each one plays a major role in preparation of any dish, the spice mixtures (better known as the ‘Indian Masala’) are used for adding authentic flavor to the food, making each dish distinct and wonderfully aromatic.

Each spice by itself imparts a very unique flavor, but when used together with other spices, flavors mingle keeping their own identity as well, giving a magical taste to the dish.

The Indian Cuisine is bland without spices, they impart characteristic taste, have numerous known health benefits, are used for medicinal purposes, to prevent diseases and also preserve food. To name a few, spices like Turmeric and Red Chili have been known for anti-inflammatory properties, fenugreek helps reduce cholesterol and control diabetes, on the other hand, Cumin is a source of Iron. Check out details on spice benefits…..

We welcome you to experience the art of healthy living, and treat yourself with a blend of flavors, colors and culture interwoven in a single theme, come experience the difference. simple food, traditional recipes!!! is our ‘Mantra’

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