Indian Food and Health Benefits

The Spice of Life Rich in taste, texture and satisfying, Indian food, or at least that part of Indian food that is prepared with minimal oil and healthy cooking methods, is often considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Many of the herbs and spices used in the preparation of Indian cuisine are very beneficial to your health. Indian Spices Linked to Health Benefits: Turmeric is not only an important spice used in all Indian dishes, but

History of the Naan

The Naan, an enjoyable flat-bread has made a mark in South Asian cuisine through the centuries. We look at where and when it began and how it is enjoyed in its different forms today. Naan was originally cooked at the Imperial Court in Delhi.   The Naan is one of the most popular flat breads served with South Asian food. In particular, accompanying food from the Northern Area of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajizkistan

Tandoori Kitchen Secret

If you’ve ever wondered why cooking traditional Indian cuisine at home never tastes the same as it does in a restaurant, the answer lies within the tandoor. The tandoor is a very important fixture in many Indian restaurant kitchens around the world, and it holds the secret for the unique, delicious taste of authentic Indian cuisine. Most people seem to think that tandoori is a recipe. It is actually a cooking method that is one and the same with the foo

What is Naan Bread?

For plenty of fans of Indian delicacies no meal is whole with out an order of classic naan flatbread to soak up the sauces and spices of curried dishes. With a historical past as wealthy and sundry because the numbers to be had in eating places the world over, naan bread is synonymous with the convivial feel of Indian eating.  Naan is frequently placed within the centre of the table to be shared among all. The good good thing about the dimensions a...

Special Moti Choor Laddu Cookies

Ched Ranveer Brar's Special MotiChoor Laddu recipe Keep indulging your sweet tooth with another #Diwali special recipe... MOTICHOOR LADDU COOKIES Ingredients: ½ Cup Butter 1/3 Cup Brown Sugar 1/3 Cup Granulated Sugar 1/ 3 Cup Hung Curd 1 tsp Vanilla Essence 1 ¼ Cup Refined Flour 2 Pinches of Baking Powder For filling: Motichoor Laddoo, crumbled For garnishing: 1 Cup Dark chocolate, melted silver Vark Mixed nuts, chopped Sweet...

Restaurant Staff Wanted

Jobs & Careers The Mantra Restaurant is looking for enthusiastic Servers and Kitchen staff to join our busy team. For our server team we are looking for friendly, outgoing & organized individuals. Previous experience working in a high volume restaurant an asset, but not essentially required. We have full time & part-time positions for days, nights & weekends. We would appreciate if someone has an open schedule. Please read below the des

Top Indian Street Foods

Indian food vendors line the streets of India serving authentic tastes and flavors from roadside stalls. Roadside foods are a famous fixture of  Indian cities that reflect the delicious creations unique to India’s culture. Popular Indian street foods have found their way into nearly every part of the world. Vendors can be found serving up fresh authentic cuisine in public markets, street fairs and festivals near you. Get a taste of India right he...

Indian Seafood Dishes

Within India it is far more common to see curries made with seafood that elsewhere in the world, as it is widely available and easily sourced from the thousands of miles of coastline indigenous to the countries boundaries. The seas of south and east asia provide a fantastic array of seafood, and prawns are especially sought after for use in a wide range of dishes, primarily because while being so full of flavor they do not over-dominate the complexity and ...